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Polite Plum I always return a visit but may not always sprinkle if nothing due
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TypeWell Mannered Fairy
Born OnJuly 27th (age: 11 years, 10 months)
Human's NameAngela
Sprinkle Gold 


Rae and Sparkle7 hours, 48 minutes ago

Well done. x

Linda and Pamela Ann8 hours, 3 minutes ago

Yes, the weather looks great right up to next weekend. We go away in 2 weeks. The weather is bound to change in the week leading up to it.
Happy gardening, so pleased we have the smallest bits to do xx

Linda and Pamela Ann1 day, 10 hours ago

Thanks YW spot Angela
Sun is here, yay, what a difference after almost 3 days of dross lol. Now I need to find something to wash 😂😂

Rae and Sparkle1 day, 10 hours ago

Well done. x

Evelyn and Elfrodo3 days, 2 hours ago

Hi Angela, hope your toes are better now. I broke my little toe once so can sympathise, I was still working at the time & I was on night shift parading the ward with 1 shoe on & the other foot just in a sock, it was very painful. I was at the Hydrotherapy Pool for the first time today, it was lovely. I only got 10 minutes with the physio but she gave me a range of exercises to do myself in the pool so I just worked away at them & either herself or her assistant kept popping back to see how I was doing. It's a pity there's no pool near you. Hubbys' burn is almost healed. He will be on the phone to the hospital as soon as it is completely healed, looking for another date for his op. We are lucky here in Scotland as there have been no Nurses or Doctors strikes so elective surgeries are still going ahead as planned x

Eve and Luke SA(Eve)5 days, 1 hour ago

Hello, 18 here is cold, how are you doing? x

Eve and Luke SA(Eve)5 days, 10 hours ago

Hi Angela,  very cold expecting rain today and tomorrow at least no wind, our dams are 20% full now which was 6% 2 weeks ago

Rae and Sparkle6 days, 2 hours ago

Well done. x

Linda and Pamela Ann6 days, 2 hours ago

Hope you got back out,
The sun decided to appear late afternoon so a decent end to the day, but still pretty nippy out there. Warming up for those further South, warmest day mid week, but not for us. We had 22 yesterday but 15 today 🥶. Enjoy the rest of your day xx

Evelyn and Elfrodo6 days, 4 hours ago

Oh no Angela, your toes must be so painful! And footwear difficult to get on. It might be worth enquiring if there is a Hydrotherapy pool near you. I'm very lucky that the one for the whole of the Highlands is located just 2 miles away. There is also a rheumatology unit there as well. I get 4 weeks on the NHS. They have 6 sessions a week, 2 on Tues, 2 on Wed & 2 on Fri & the rest of the sessions are for the public and have to be paid for. It's only £8 a session so if I find it beneficial I will try & get booked in to 1 of the other sessions. There will be no physio there but I could continue to do my exercises myself. Colins' Dad got a bath chair from Occupational Therapy. He sits on the chair which has a back on it & then swings his legs round into the bath, the chair gets lowered down (there's a rechargeable handset to lower/raise it) & then when he's ready to come out, the chair rises up again & he just has to swing his legs out. That might be helpful for you too if you find a warm bath helps ease your joints. I was out for lunch with my sister today & managed fine on my crutches. We had a wander round Dunelm & Hobbycraft. It's just nice to get out somewhere different. Colin got

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