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Can be first attracted at Garden Level 20
Sea Lion

Bird Mix
(Any feeding table)
How To Attract
Requires all of these:
  • A Violet 'Ready For Harvest' Piscis Aquabullae
  • A Yellow 'Flowering' Piscis Aquabullae
  • An Indigo 'Flowering' Piscis Aquabullae
How To Keep Out
Deterred by all other colours of Piscis Aquabullae, so you must have the exact 3 correct ones only.
Average Visit Time
55 - 60 minutes
Common or Rare?
Reward If Spotted
3 Diamonds
Item Dropped (Every 10th you spot in other Gardens)
A Forest Sunlight seed
Gardens currently attracting the Sea Lion
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 and AngelBoy5 hours, 5 minutes ago

2 plates of NEW ORGANIC FOOD

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 and Jasper Twinkle Bug♥7 hours, 14 minutes ago


reply   garden   delete   report

 and Peanut And Summer Boy And Ping16 hours, 53 minutes ago

Here with the Tri & Spin eggs

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 and Jasper Twinkle Bug♥21 hours, 53 minutes ago

new food

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 and Diana,the Moon Fairy... Diana 1 day, 10 hours ago

Sea lions and Triceratops for this week.
Welcome 🤗💐💐🌺🌺

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 and Jasper Twinkle Bug♥1 day, 21 hours ago

New food out for sea lion

First one up for grabs.!

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 and Peanut And Summer Boy And Ping1 day, 23 hours ago


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 and Miss Muffet 2 days, 1 hour ago

Had a senior moment and culled the RFH Pisces plant instead of the supershroom next to it. Am using the quickest means of returning to the status quo before the weekly moving of the goalposts, so while that happens I will change the birdseed to Veggies to concentrate on attracting dinos and Koala on S/F, and If we make it in time will come back in on the Sea Lion  with a change to birdseed. Sorry for the disruption - it's harder for the one who made the mistake....xx

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 and Chipper2 days, 18 hours ago

Waiting for our first

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 and Lesley And Potato❤4 days, 2 hours ago


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