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I cannot see players names or send gifts

I'm getting errors / page loading problems

How do I attract/spot wildlife?

How do I get different Garden backgrounds?

Is my Garden more unlucky than others?

Can I get Fairyland on my phone?

Fairyland Gardens

How do I harvest my plants?

How do I Level-Up My Garden?

Can I make my plants grow faster?

Why does one plant in the Garden have a darker coloured popup than the others?

Where is the 'Dulcia Somniflora' seed for Level 8?

Can I rearrange the plants in my Garden?

I keep getting grey flowers! (Levels 14,15,16,17)


How do I attract wildlife to my Garden?

What are some tips for spotting more wildlife?

What Are "Wildlife Levels"?

Do I need to water all of the plants in a Garden to spot wildlife?

My Wildlife arrives at night when I'm asleep!

I can't seem to attract the rare Wildlife!

My Mushroom doesn't deter mice!

I watered while wildlife was in a Garden, but I didn't spot it

The time between wildlife visits is getting longer

Buying / Sending Gold

Can I buy Gold for someone else?

Why can't I sprinkle Gold Dust on a friend to send them Gold?

I have a problem buying Gold!


I have some feedback or a suggestion for the app

I've found a glitch/bug in the app

How do I invite friends to Fairyland?

How do I upload my own Fairyland character "avatar" instead of the default one?

Can I add new friends through the app?

Which is the best browser to use with this application?

How do I remove the app?


Can I delete my account data?

Can I block someone from my Garden?

Can I make my Garden private to myself and my friends only?

Where can I find Fairyland's Privacy Policy?

Rainforest Protection

How does the rainforest protection work?

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