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Born OnAugust 1st (age: 14 years, 11 months)
Human's NameMilica
GardenÀ la recherche du temps perdu
Sprinkle Gold 


Sue and Slackluster & Chester The Gnome13 hours, 20 minutes ago

OK. I put out guppy deterrents in the hopes that some blue damselfish will come by

Sue and Slackluster & Chester The Gnome19 hours, 40 minutes ago

I'll put a supershroom back up as soon as the mermaid plops herself on my new toadstool. I need two spotted for my quest. I'll keep SF berries out for them until I get them.

Milica and Radisa2 months ago

well, I am on blue level of rainbow of fish and these are the instructions I got and use them each time.                                                1st Rainbow of Fish.....Red Snapper!
1. Grow agaric mushroom on land to RFH
2. Once mushroom RFH Plant UW toadstool in FT pot, DD to FG.  Attract mermaid to go UW.
3. Buy red rock and put in pond.
4. Attract watery sea dragon (prefers veggies, but also tropical fruits and wild berries) 10 times to plant the pondweed for the fish.
5. DD the pondweed to fully grown.
6. Remove agaric mushy and plant a SS
7. FG  red forest ruby to deter red guppies
8. Attract 10 red snapper (eats wild berries).
9. Grow the red pondweed to RFH. (do not discard the empty rocks afterward as they can be used for the Bottom Dwellers challenge.)
Repeat these steps as you level up using current level of the challenge red through violet!
Each level is spot 5  Fish in other pond, attract 10 Fish to your pond, harvest current color pond weed to move to next level.
IMPORTANT  for mushroom to be RFH before going UW.
Also to read up on the use of forest  jewels for guppy deterrents!

Pero and Elfy3 years ago

Od dinosaura se dobija besplatan superfood svaki mjesec na 48 sati. Najbolje ti je to odraditi pa onda kad ga imaš iskoristila za bajke i sve ostalo što ti treba. Od podvodnih onih dobijes fontanu. Od ovog grmlja de dobiva greenhouse, imaš tri mjesta u njemu pa možeš skloniti biljke da ih ne rezes.

Milica and Radisa3 years ago

Tip 5- urgent
Ok to get pot number- u cannot continue tops without knowing this.  every pot Has a different number and different order of critters.
This can only be done on a computer or laptop, u need a mouse.
1: wave your mouse over the pot
A little box appears
In that box move your mouse over ‘water’
Right click water
Now another box appears
Find inspect (normally near the bottom of the box)  and click on it.
Now a half window appears with computer jargon in the middle of that window u will see a group of numbers
That is the number of your pot.
Right this number down

Now copy and paste the following link into a new window this is the fairyland calculator which will be your best friend.


Now on that page u will see where u have to put the pot colour, first critter (u have to plant and grow top seed to fully grown to know what the 1st critter is) your front garden number which is:  xxxxxxxxx
Enter all this info and don’t guess anything because if u do it will be wrong.
Just ask and I will help try these instructions and see how u go

Milica and Radisa3 years ago

Tops tips day 4 part 2 -

U might be lucky to find a few of u have similar lists...awesome.

5) Always plan ahead especially in the higher pots, as some plants take a long time to grow out eg: odonata Igniflora (crane) 4 days from fully grown to rfh fuly sprinkled, Pink cap mushy (classic unicorn) 5 days from fully grown to rfh fully sprinkled, ventus (leopard) 8 days fully sprinkled from fully grown to rfh, Bonsai's (woodpecker) 3 1/2 days fully grown to rfh fully sprinkled.
As u can see some take a long time so planning ahead is essential.

6) Bonsai tips: grey squirrel and woody any bonsai will do but beware!! If u are growing for a woody my tip is dont use the moyogi as while it is fully grown it attracts giraffes so every time u use veges u will get giraffes. So my tip is not to use moyogi if growing out for woody.
You can attract GS using fully grown Bellis Lycaena I never used this method as I think it takes longer to trim but that is a personal choice and I had plenty of diamonds to shorten the bonsai growth. But if u do this method Dont use green or yellow as the GS doesnt like those colours
I use chai or taiyo unless needing giraffe

Milica and Radisa3 years, 1 month ago

You can still get GOLD
By hunting the Bug (20 gold each)
By spotting chicks in someone's birdbath (10 gold each)
By spotting the first Mother/Father and Baby wildlife in someone's garden (100 Gold)
By spotting the first myths in someone's garden (Check WL guide for amounts)
By spotting the first Endangered wildlife in someone's garden (Check WL Guide)
By growing Jewel plants (10 gold each)
From treat seeds (10 gold each)
By levelling up if you haven't done so already
By completing your herbalism recipes if you haven't done so already
By harvesting certain plants e.g Aureus and Opis plants
By harvesting certain seasonal plants
e.g. Poinsettias, Daffodils, Shamrocks
Birthay Plant gives 100 Gold
Lastly, BUY a small package of Gold - 500 Gold for USD $5 - Plus 1 Bonus "Star Dust"

Quests Completed
Radisa is Quest Level II, and has completed these Quests:
Level II Quests
(20 of 20 Quests Completed)
Black & White (Level II)
Best spotting time:
49 minutes, 46 seconds
On Safari (Level II)
Best spotting time:
1 hour, 45 minutes
Tall Birds (Level II)
Best spotting time:
40 minutes, 35 seconds
Gone Fishing (Level II)
Best spotting time:
2 hours, 15 minutes
Spots & Stripes (Level II)
Best spotting time:
1 day
This Is Nuts! (Level II)
Best spotting time:
11 minutes, 2 seconds
Space Invaders (Level II)
Best spotting time:
47 minutes, 39 seconds
Raining Cats & Dogs (Level II)
Best spotting time:
1 day, 9 hours
Giants (Level II)
Best spotting time:
23 hours, 17 minutes
Horns & Tusks (Level II)
Best spotting time:
22 minutes, 45 seconds
Mouse Hunter (Level II)
Best spotting time:
2 hours, 28 minutes
Bunny Business (Level II)
Best spotting time:
8 minutes, 50 seconds
Here Be Dragons (Level II)
Best spotting time:
6 hours, 35 minutes
Reach For The Stars (Level II)
Best spotting time:
5 minutes, 35 seconds
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Level II)
Best spotting time:
2 hours, 15 minutes
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy (Level II)
Best spotting time:
1 hour, 7 minutes
Random Assortment (Level II)
Best spotting time:
47 minutes, 13 seconds
Seasonal Quests
Be My Valentine (Level II)
Best spotting time:
4 hours, 43 minutes
Do You Have The Eggs Factor? (Level II)
Best spotting time:
1 hour, 41 minutes
Luck Of The Irish (Level II)
Best spotting time:
18 hours, 11 minutes

Level I Quests
(19 of 19 Quests Completed)
Mouse Hunter (Level I)
Best spotting time:
25 minutes, 16 seconds
Nice Weather For Ducks (Level I)
Best spotting time:
7 hours, 26 minutes
The Tortoise And The Hare (Level I)
Best spotting time:
10 hours, 56 minutes
Bunny Business (Level I)
Best spotting time:
15 minutes, 40 seconds
Watch The Birdie (Level I)
Best spotting time:
31 minutes, 39 seconds
Here Be Dragons (Level I)
Best spotting time:
2 hours, 4 minutes
Reach For The Stars (Level I)
Best spotting time:
6 minutes, 20 seconds
Wrigglies (Level I)
Best spotting time:
4 minutes, 56 seconds
Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Level I)
Best spotting time:
20 hours, 43 minutes
One For Sorrow, Two For Joy (Level I)
Best spotting time:
1 hour, 2 minutes
The Ugly Bug Ball (Level I)
Best spotting time:
12 minutes, 25 seconds
Random Assortment (Level I)
Best spotting time:
3 minutes, 14 seconds
Seasonal Quests
Think Pink (Level I)
Best spotting time:
7 hours, 35 minutes
Spooky Sprinkling (Level I)
Best spotting time:
11 minutes, 10 seconds
Winter Wonderland (Level I)
Best spotting time:
5 minutes, 49 seconds
Be My Valentine (Level I)
Best spotting time:
8 minutes, 32 seconds
Do You Have The Eggs Factor? (Level I)
Best spotting time:
13 hours, 11 minutes
Luck Of The Irish (Level I)
Best spotting time:
9 hours, 51 minutes
Fun In The Sun (Level I)
Best spotting time:
1 day, 3 hours

Total Earnings: 500 Scrolls

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