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Gold Badger

(Low feeding table only)
How To Attract
If a garden has a Badger Vase with a Bouquet completed 12+ hours ago, and is also attracting the regular Badger, then the next one spotted by another player will be a Gold Badger!
How To Keep Out
If a Garden has a flowering or fruiting Solaris Igniflorus, there are unlikely to be any Badgers visiting.
Average Visit Time
15 - 20 minutes
Common or Rare?
Very Rare
Reward If Spotted
30 Diamonds
Extra Reward: Drops 7 Gold Dust the first three times you spot one (this Gold Dust can also be used in the Marketplace to buy Pots :)
Item Dropped (Every 10th you spot in other Gardens)
A Forest Moonlight seed

Important: Gold Wildlife can be advertised as soon as the Bouquet to attract them is completed. However, the Bouquet needs to have been completed for at least 12 hours before the Gold Wildlife will visit, so remember to check the time on the Bouquet!
Gardens currently attracting the Gold Badger
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