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 and Tonnerre10 years, 1 month ago

The hope of this post is to not only make the bird challenge a bit less confusing, but to give players a guide to reference, and perhaps help plan out the challenge. 

The challenge of attracting the chicks is a 3 part challenge. 
Each part of the challenge will be listed in posts below.   

(~post 1~)  1st - Build Nests
(~post 2~) 2nd - Attract Adult Birds
(~post 3~) 3rd - Complete a task given by the nesting Adult Bird
(~post 4~) Recommended Setups

Here are links to a few pictures of the eggs and birds.

Eggs -

Adult Birds -

Birds by Group with their Eggs -

 and Tonnerre10 years, 1 month ago

(~post 1~) 1st Step, Build Your Nests! 

You will have to build a nest to get birds to lay eggs in your garden. 

There are currently 17 birds in Fairyland that will lay eggs.  All of the birds in Fairyland will contribute to nest building, but since they do not lay eggs it may be best to stick with this list when looking to start up your nests.

All of the chick types are listed in the wildlife guide, but for a quick review here are the adult birds listed by level order.

Levels 1 - 10
Yellow Wagtail
Singing Bush Lark
Bee Eater

Levels 11 and above
Blue Jay

The nests are located in the gift shop, and can be sent to you by friends at no cost to them, or you can buy them for yourself at the price of 10 gold.

In order to build a nest you will need to attract these birds (and others) in multiples of 5 to YOUR garden. 
The first ever of a bird spotted in your garden will also contribute to building a nest. 

It takes 5 different types of birds to completely build a nest, each type contributing 20 percent to to the overall total. 

When you hover over, or click on your nest, you will get a pop up info box.  Within that box is a clickable link that says "Built By".  If you click on this link it will give you thumbnail pictures for each of the types of birds that have built the nest so far. 

For example;  If you would like a nest built by a Yellow Wagtail and you have had 3 Yellow Wagtails spotted in your garden, you will need to have 2 more spotted, making it a total of 5 Yellow Wagtails spotted in your garden, and then it will build a piece of your nest. 

Each nest is only good for 5 uses before it "breaks" and will need to be repaired.  Nests are repaired in the same way they are built.  You must attract a 5th of a type of bird that is not included in the "Built By" list. 

 and Tonnerre10 years, 1 month ago

(~post 2~) 2nd Step, Attract Adult Birds!

In order to get an egg in your nest that you just built, you now need to attract the adult birds that lay those eggs.  Even though all of the birds in Fairyland can help build a nest, not all of those birds will lay eggs.  So make sure you are attracting an adult of one of the chicks listed in the Wildlife Guide!

In order for an adult bird to lay in your nest it will have had to help build the nest.  The only exception to this is the Cuckoo, who will lay in any nest, and cannot help build nests anyway. 

In order to see what bird types have helped build your nest, hover over (or click)the nest when it is in your garden.  There will be a clickable link that says "Built By".  Click this and it will give you thumbnails of the birds that built the nest, and also their names when you hover over the thumbnail.  When a nest is in storage you can also see what birds it has been built by, hover over(or click) the nest on your shelf to see the thumbnails.

You need to attract adults to your garden and have them spotted by other fairies.  If you spot the birds in your own garden, it will also count towards your total.

The adult birds must be attracted in multiples of 10 to lay in your nest.  So if you want a Yellow Wagtail to lay in your nest, and you have had 16 Yellow Wagtails spotted in your garden you will need to have 4 more spotted to make it a total of 20. 

Afer the 10th (20th, 30th etc.) bird has been spotted in your garden you will see the bird laying in the nest.  It won't simply lay the egg though, the bird wants you to do a task for it.
In order to see this task hover over (or click) on your nest.  You will see an option to "speak" to the bird that is laying in your nest. 

The tasks lead us into our next post...

 and Tonnerre10 years, 1 month ago

(~post 3~) Complete A Task To Get An Egg.

In order to see your what task you must complete, click on your nest when the bird is laying in it.  It will then give you a task to spot multiples of 5 of a certain type of bird.

The Nesting Yellow Wagtail says:

Hello! What a beautiful garden you have here. And this nest seems like the perfect place for me to lay an egg!

But first, I have a little task for you, which is to help out in a few other gardens by spotting their birds for them.

I will lay my egg after you have spotted your 90th Wren in other Gardens (you have so far spotted 87, which means you still need to spot another 3.)

Pay close attention to what the task you are given is!

The birds will not always tell you to spot their own kind, instead they will give you a task to spot any of the 4 birds within it's "group". 

Group 1: Wren, Yellow Wagtail, Chaffinch, Singing Bush Lark
Group 2: Nightingale, Bee Eater, Roadrunner, Waxwing
Group 3: Kingfisher, Oriole, Chickadee, Blue Jay
Group 4: Woodpecker, Magpie, Jackdaw, Crane

The Cuckoo is the only bird not included in any of these groups.  It is the only bird that will ask you to find other Cuckoos, but it can also ask you to find any of the birds in any of the groups at random. 

You can come back to the bird and speak to is as many times as you need to remind yourself of what type of bird you need to spot, and also how many you have left to spot.

Once you have completed the task, there will be an egg in your garden.  All that is left to do at this point is put bird seed out on a low platter of food to attract your chick!

 and Tonnerre10 years, 1 month ago

(~post 4~) Recommended Setups For The Adult Birds

A lot of the adult birds have other birds that are attracted to the same plants that they are.  There are a few setup tips listed below that will allow you to focus on a certain adult bird, and save some time, diamonds and gold while maximizing your efforts. There are many
different ways to set up your garden and attract these birds, so the following are only suggestions.

I did not go into detail of what plants to use.  All of that information is easily found in the wildlife guide.

~~Yellow Wagtail, Wren, Chaffinch, and Bee Eater.
These 4 birds all come to the insect eating plants.  It is very easy to set your garden up with an Apis Melliflora (level 1-7 in seed shop) to attract all of them. If you start with just the bee plants you will attract the bee eaters, and all 3 of the other birds.  Once you have completed attracting your bee eater, start using the herbs that deter the other birds to focus on just 1 type of bird at a time if you still
have the others to attract.

~~Singing Bush Lark and Nightingale
Start attracting these birds with 3 notes of the Carmena Uniflora, and 1 Luna Serena. The point of the 3 notes is that you are likely to get a variation of notes, which means you will be attracting the Nightingale on several days of the week without having to use
any gold to change the notes to the appropriate day.  You will get a lot of Singing Bush Larks and only the occasional Nightingale, but that's the point.  Enjoy the occasional Nightingale while you get your 10 Singing Bush Larks.  Once you achieve your nesting Singing Bush Lark, harvest 2 of the notes so you are left with 1.  Then put in the Dulcia Somniflora to deter the Bush Lark.  From this point on you will be attracting only Nightingales.  Hopefully the few you attracted while getting the Singing Bush Lark means you only have to dust for 1 or 2 days using only a little bit of gold to change the note before you get your 10th Nightingale to nest.

~~Magpie and Jackdaw
These two birds both come to the precious stones.  Like the birds above, you are going to plant for both of these birds with no deterrent for the Magpie.  Enjoy the occassional Jackdaw while you get your Magpie to nest.  Once the Magpie has nested, put in deterrents for it, and bring in the rest of the Jackdaws you need.

~~Birds Attracted to Ready For Harvest Plants
Remember that some of these birds are attracted to RFH plants.  While you are attracting other birds it is a good time to use an empty spot or two in your garden to prepare for the next bird.  For example, planting a Cattus Peliflorus for the Chickadee while attracting the Nightingale is a good idea.  The Cattus takes some time to become RFH, and you should be all done with the Nightingale and
ready to move on by that time.

I did not list all of the birds here as not all are attracted in a group.  And I am sure others have their own ideas they can add for attracting these birds in the best possible way!

 and Elphaba (NDMP)10 years, 1 month ago

This is fantastic, Stephanie!!  Excellent job!  :0)

Stephanie and Macushla.10 years, 1 month ago

Thanks for all this info. Stephanie....must have taken you ages to type it x

 and Elphaba (NDMP)10 years, 1 month ago

Damiata, I'd send it to storage myself.  You never know what could happen.  But if you want to get rid of it entirely, there should be an option to do so, when it's in your garden.

Stephanie and Macushla.10 years, 1 month ago

I agree with Brigette keep your nest in storage as you may need it again x

 and Tonnerre10 years, 1 month ago

Thanks ladies! As much as I'm not liking the chicks, I had fun doing this! lol

I agree about keeping a broken nest. With that one empty spot for a bird it can be much quicker to repair a nest if you need a specific bird to contribute to it, than building a whole new one.
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