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Bouquet Building Challenge - Step by Step Instructions
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Stef and Recy♻️Cled1 month, 2 weeks ago

General Information:
This challenge is a bit different than the rest, but it is very similar to the nest and snowman building. The Vase acts as a bird/dinosaur nest (“holding” the critters) and the bouquet/flowers as snowman parts except that you can’t discard the flowers. Each completed vase “holds” 5 critters, soil, greenery and 8 flower parts.
The types of flowers any critter drops is random and the order of which the critters appear in the vase slots is random (except first one).

Building the bouquet is a combination of nest and snowman building. To build the bouquets you need to spot and attract a total of 5 different critters. These critters are narrowed down to the list from ONE section/tab in the Wildlife Guide. The question mark slots can be filled/revealed by either spotting or attracting the critters (similar to the quests).

To get the vases you need to create them in Alchemy and you need certain limited edition pots.
Each vase will attract a maximum of 5 golden critters unlike the infinite bird and dinosaur nests.
You can not discard flowers/parts. The first critter is always revealed and locked in place.

The first critter will always be revealed and it will be the same (let’s call it a base critter) and it is locked in place. It is the critter that gives you the greenery and soil - same step for all players and all types of vases. You MUST attract and spot the base critter BEFORE trying to figure out the other 4 critters. If you skip this step nothing that you spot/attract counts in this vase.
The other 4 critters can be any combination in any order of 4 different critters from the base critter’s category (excluding the base critter). There is a percentage number that tells you how far you are into completing the vase (0%-100%). Just hover over the vase. If you click on the discovered critters in your vase you will find out if it’s spotted or attracted so you will know what to do next.
If you still have question marks, keep hunting and attracting. Once you’ve completed the vase (100%) you have to WAIT a certain time to be able to attract the golden critter which will “break” your vase/bouquet once spotted.

Stef and Recy♻️Cled1 month, 2 weeks ago

- Spotting a critter in your garden doesn’t count. You need someone else to spot it so it can enter the vase (sort of speak).
- You must attract and spot the first critter BEFORE trying to figure out the other 4 critters.
- You can NOT spot your own golden critter. If you try to do so, it will turn into a normal one. It MUST be spotted by another player.
- Once you’ve completed the vase you have to WAIT a certain time to be able to attract the golden critter.
- You can move the vases in/out of storage just as nests and snowmen.
- Each vase is good ONLY for attracting 5 Golden Critters.
- The question mark slots can be revealed by either spotting or attracting the critters.
- One critter will enter in only one vase. If you have multiple vases that need the same critter you need to spot and attract multiple of the same critter.
- Hare vase can get a fox as one of the 4 mystery options and fox vase can get hare as one of the 4 mystery options.
- You need limited edition pots to do this challenge!
- During alchemy you’ll lose the correct plant but the pot you had it planted in will stay in your garden.
- Alchemy Formulas for each pot will be different but once you discover the formula for a specific pot it will always be the same for that pot - so make sure you make a note or take a screenshot.

Gameplay Tips:
There are two ways to play: casual and focused.
If you want to play casually just place the vase/s in your garden and unveil the mystery critters by chance.
If you want to play in a focused manner you can follow the 3 vases guide I wrote below.
This is a game of elimination. There are many critters and alchemy combinations so I recommend keeping notes. You can use pen and paper, put them on your back wall (altho I do not recommend this), or use online Word document. I highly recommend this because it is easily accessible across devices and locations and it is hard to lose. 

Stef and Recy♻️Cled1 month, 2 weeks ago

Phase 1: Alchemy - Making the Vase

Step 1: Go to Wildlife Guide, then Gold tab to see which pots you need for which critter. They are different sets per player although many players will get the same pots. Make a note or keep the tab open during this phase. Decide which critter you want to make a vase for.

Step 2: Go to your storage, click on the Vase tab and find the pot you are looking for from the previous step. If you do not have it, use a different pot that you have. If you have none then you have to buy it from the marketplace or wait until they are released again (not sure how long this may take). My best advice is to keep checking the Marketplace from time to time. Keep in mind: “To ensure fair use, Marketplace purchases are limited to 1 pot of each type, or 3 pots in total, in any 24 hours“
Once you have the needed pot proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Plant a plant from the category of plants that you need to attract this golden critter. For example, for Hare is Herb (can be any of the 7 herbs), for Fox is Bellis Lycaena (can be any of the 7 colors). I recommend planting only ONE to avoid confusion. Go to storage, then Vase tab, then hover over the pot you picked in the previous step and click: “Make Vase!”
In Alchemy you have 1 pot and 3 variables. You need to narrow them down the same way you did with your 10 gold formula.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Formulas for each pot will be different but once you discover the formula for your pot it will always be the same. Make sure you make a note or take a screenshot. You need to refresh your Alchemy page each time you change the plant/plant color.

Stef and Recy♻️Cled1 month, 2 weeks ago

Step 4: Select one of each (fairy dust, plant, wand) and see the result. If you’re lucky - you will get nothing the first time.

Getting 0 matches: This means you need to change ALL of your selections including the plant/plant color. Plus, you can use two of the excluded options to narrow down the third. Take a screenshot or make a note of your zero matches combo.
Then select another fairy dust OR wand and see the result. If you get 1 it means the new selection is correct. Make a note. Keep the new selection and try the other options of the other item. You are looking for 2 gold formula here. Once you get 2 it means you have correct fairy dust and wand (make a note) and now you only need to find the correct plant/plant color. Keep planting other options of the same plant type or keep changing colors of the existing plant using the same fairy dust and wand combo that gave you 2 gold formula until you get the vase.

If you get 1 gold straight away, swap fairy dust (or wand) until you get 0 or 2. Take a note. If you got 0, repeat the steps above for Getting 0 matches.
If you get 2 gold, (take a note) swap the plant/plant color and try again. If you got 1 gold this time it means the initial plant/ plant color was correct and you need to keep changing the fairy dust OR the wand and make combos with the initial plant/plant color.
If you get 2 gold after you swapped the plant/plant color it means the fairy dust and wand are correct, you need to keep changing plant/plant color.

Stef and Recy♻️Cled1 month, 2 weeks ago

Phase 2: Building the Bouquet

I will use 3 vases example for covering all the options.

Step 1: Put the vases in your garden and set up for their first critters. Attract AND spot all first critters before continuing because if they do not have the greenery you can’t proceed to the next step correctly.

Step 2: Plant for something easy that needs one fully grown plant and place the correct food. Meanwhile go hunt for anything else. Focus primarily on critters that need ready for harvest plants, but anything is good.
IMPORTANT TIP: Start a list of spotted/attracted animals that will apply for all 3 vases. I divide my list in 3 sections:
1. To spot - Initially contains the list of all critters in the same category minus the base critter. Once I confirm a critter is not going into any vase by spotting I put it on the Eliminated list.
2. To attract - Contains the list of all critters I have spotted which also entered my vases but I haven’t attracted them yet.
3. Eliminated - Contains the list of all critters I eliminated i.e I spotted/attracted them but none entered my vases. Later I add here those that I completed by attracting and spotting to get them out of the way.
Spotted/attracted critters will always go into the leftmost vase. If they go to the second one it means the first vase doesn't contain that critter BUT the third one may contain it. Continue spotting /attracting until you eliminate the critter in the third vase.

Step 3:
Once you are done spotting everything from the relevant category you will have to finish the attracting part. Most of the critters are attracted by fully grown plants but some are attracted by ready for harvest.
At the end you will probably be left with these so you can put the vases in storage while the needed plants go RFH. Once ready, attract the remaining critters and complete the vases.

Stef and Recy♻️Cled1 month, 2 weeks ago

Phase 3: Attracting Golden Critters

Once your vase is complete you need to wait a certain time until you are able to attract the golden critter. You can find the needed time in the “How To Attract“ information on the golden critter. The age of the vase is shown as Completed X hours ago when you hover over it.
Once your vase is ready, you need to set up your garden to attract the regular version of the golden critter and place the vase in the garden. The next regular (base) critter spotted by another player will be a golden one. If you have 3 completed vases in your garden, the next 3 regular critters spotted by other players will be golden!

Phase 4: Fixing the Bouquet

Spotting the golden critter will cause the vase to lose a flower and a critter from the vase slot. This doesn’t affect the base critter (it has a plot armor :D). Think of it as a broken nest. You need to repair it so you can get another golden critter.
To repair it you need to spot and attract a NEW critter from the same category. From the start, you are excluding the base critter and the other 3 already in the vase.

Once you re-complete the vase you can attract another golden critter. Repeat this till the vase is exhausted i.e. it produces 5 golden critters. After that you can either keep the final bouquet as decoration or harvest it and use the vase as a pot.

You can repair multiple vases at the same time or mix them with new ones. Just make sure you keep your notes correctly i.e. one list for a specific number of vases.


Final Notes:

As you progress it will be more difficult to eliminate the last critter, but you can make it easier by group eliminations with the list I mentioned and focused hunting.

Also you can use RFH plants to start a new set of vases after you complete the previous round.

Happy Hunting!

Chuck and Zomb 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Thanks for this Stef it is very detailed and helpful.  Once the golden wildlife is spotted, the vase can be replanted by spotting and hosting a new wildlife(different from those that contributed to the bouquet.  But what about when you are making a third, forth and fifth bouquet in the vase?  Can wildlife that was spotted to make earlier bouquets contribute to a later bouquet?  For example, if my first bouquet was built with a waxwing, I know the second bouquet in that vase wont require a waxwing,  But what about the 3rd, 4th or 5th bouquets?  Can a waxwing contribute to them?  Thanks again for the guide!

Stef and Recy♻️Cled1 month, 2 weeks ago

You're welcome :)
I think it resets i.e. you might have waxwing again as each bouquet is treated as a separate group of critters. But I can not confirm this 100%

Bev and ~ƸӜƷ~1 month, 2 weeks ago

[Post deleted by author]

Bev and ~ƸӜƷ~1 month, 2 weeks ago

Excellent info Stef :)
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