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Me again, Alice challenge

Edith and ~£ucky £ips~1 week ago

I was hoping someone could explain this challenge, in steps, for me. I have tried my best but can’t find any real help. All help is greatly appriciated.

Mhairi and Pinkbell1 week ago

Look in the most useful topics, there is one for Alice.

Mary and *Zed* With Newt #KeepTheGrey1 week ago

The basic premise is this. You need three cards(no more than that but you can have the flowering tiger lily as well as the three cards). Put out the food for that particular suit...if you are just starting then there is only one Alice food available to you(comfits). You don't need a mushroom...but sometimes a shroom will help with reducing the number of card gardeners that appear and give you more clues. I would try and see how you do without. Then wait for things to be spotted in your will get card gardeners, helpers and the rare Alice critters like the dodo. The helpers come in the form of various Alice characters and having a particular one showing will mean that the card is too high or too low. If you are lucky enough to have the magic card for the rare Alice critter...then it will show...but just once on that card(unless you get lucky and this same card turns out to be the one required for another of the rare Alice critters). Leave the cards in the same position until you have clues for all positions...the left, middle and right. Then use the cards you have and move into the position which the helper has indicated is needed. So for example: if you had a helper tell you that the five of diamonds was too high...and you had a card with the two of diamonds you would move that two into the five of diamonds spot and see what clue you get for that card. You just juggle the cards about until you have tried in all positions. Now...before you discard a can either dust it up with diamond dust or down with diamond dust...just the one time...and then try that card in the various positions. It is a lot of testing...but things do come together. To get need to spot card gardeners. You can spot any type of card gardeners(aka any suit) but the fifth card gardener should be of the suit which you are working on(and the first suit is diamonds so strive for that).

Andrea and Pᥲpεя Cяᥲղε (Oɾἶzυяυ) \_(ツ)_/¯ 1 week ago

Great explanation above.  Can I also add that it’s only the 3 core characters that you need to attract 10 times each and spot in other gardens 3 times each and not the helpers.  The helpers are simply there as guides.  I mention this as it took me a while to realise this myself when I did the Alice challenge.  It can be helpful to note down what the helpers are telling you so you can work out what cards you will need.

Natalie and Johnny1 week ago

Thank you Mary for this easy to follow explanation. I have tried and given up a few times as I just didn't 'get' it and was so confused. I will give it another go! :)

Beth and ~Dre@ms~6 days, 18 hours ago

Wow, awesome explanation, Mary!!!  Thank you so much!! I haven't tackled the Alice challenge yet but I have been reading up on it.  I was still confused but your explanation has helped tremendously!!
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