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frog spawn help

 and Doe Eyes6 days, 17 hours ago

I have had 2 adult dry frogs and no spawn appeared as yet? I need to get back underwater soon...Help Please.

 and Pinkita6 days, 15 hours ago

Only your first dry frog and then every 5th Will drop frogspawn .. your 10th .. 15th and so on .. I see your first arrived did you have an empty plate for it to give frogspawn ? Or you used it already? .. now your 5th Will give you more frogspawn but for that you have to have spotted 5 underwater frogs 5 froglets and 5 tadpoles in other underwater gardens

 and Doe Eyes6 days, 9 hours ago

thank you. So since I had 5 groups of the 3, will this use them all up waiting for the 5th adult frog? Will the others take up my spare 4 sets, meaning that I need to hunt more "sets" before more spawn arrives when needed next?

 and Mary IS *Zed* With Newt6 days, 7 hours ago

This will use up all your available land frogs from what I read here. It is unfortunate that your first land frog came and you did not get spawn that way...but it happened to me too. When you are underwater, after getting your spawn, each tadpole that you attract will potentially be an underwater frog(after you have attracted one froglet after the tadpole on low berries). That FIRST underwater frog in your garden...if there is an empty platter...will leave spawn. As will the fifth, tenth and so on. But you have to attract tadpoles, and froglets to get the underwater frogs. I hope that this makes sense.

 and Mary IS *Zed* With Newt6 days, 6 hours ago

Tadpoles eat spawn...froglets eat berries on low platter. It is easiest to get spawn from underwater frogs in my opinion. Am thinking that you are going to try lobsters? When you are finished attracting the ten lobsters, consider attracting tadpoles along with the lobsters after that. When you do the lobsters, you will need a fully grown(not ready for harvest) dulcia to prevent tadpoles from eating the spawn. Although if you want to do both right from the will be a mystery as to what will show and kind of fun. Getting tadpoles to your garden means that you do not have to hunt those sets in other long as you get tadpoles that number one, five, ten...and so on.

 and Doe Eyes6 days, 5 hours ago

ok ty for the wise advice.
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