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What’s in your storage?
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 and Fickle - Hunting Bananacles And Hippiponchos wrote1 week, 2 days ago

My fairy is definitely a hoarder.  What about yours?

I have 195 shelves containing the following:
15 feeding tables
243 calendar pots
4 art pots
67 honey pots
1 red rocks pot
20 Fairytale pots
28 Easter basket pots (from seasonal challenge)
14 magical pots
6 shamrock pots
14 inflating (heart) pots
30 fairylight pots (from xmas trees)
9 limited edition pots (purchased)
25 completed nests including 6 hummingbird nests
13 partially completed nests
73 beehives (partially completed)
32 Venus flytraps
31 completed scarecrows
8 partially completed scarecrows
5 snowmen plus 1 Santa snowman
7 FL 10th anniversary eggshell pots
10 chocolate bunny pots
29 eggshell pots (regular chicks)
280 eggshell pots (Easter chicks)
35 zodiac pots
227 (unused) birthstone pots
94 seasonal pots (come with plant)
29 handmade pots

I am guessing some fairies are even bigger hoarders than to share?

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 and Cobweb wrote1 week, 2 days ago

313 shelves

bird bath
37 feeding tables
46 various summer pots
22 Hallowe'en pots
616 calendar pots
26 art pots
34 filled honeypots
17 rainbow rocks
9 used rocks
61 Fairytale pots
41 various Easter baskets
42 magical pots
17 inflatable shamrock pots
20 inflatable heart pots
65 limited edition pots
12 fairylight pots
1 incomplete nest
12 complete nests, including 2 hummingbird ones)
105 complete beehives
2 incomplete fly traps
3 complete fly traps
8 wildlife poles
11 trees (I have been ruthless with my trees, scarecrows and snowmen, most have been harvested for the rainforest!)
4 scarecrows
5 witch scarecrows
2 Santa snowmen
9 snowmen
7 10th birthday pots
10 various chocolate bunny pots
5 topiary (spits) pots
54 chick egg shells
67 Easter egg shells
16 zodiac pots
228 unused birthstones
32 used birthstones
13 jewel baskets
30 glass vases
12 Hallowe'en cauldrons
6 pumpkin patches
25 ordinary sunflower pots
9 leprechaun hats
6 red heart pots
7 champagne flutes
3 gift Christmas tree stands
5 pink heart pots
6 ice cubes
8 clumps of grass
15 bamboo pots
5 earthplant pots
2 eggshell pots
3 pumpkin pots
4 pink ribbon pots
151 glass bottles
26 baubles
113 handmade pots
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 and Fickle - Hunting Bananacles And Hippiponchos wrote1 week, 2 days ago

Wow, Cobweb has hoarding down to a fine art!
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 and Saff wrote1 week, 2 days ago

That's hilarious!! I allow myself to keep no more than 2 of the same thing. (Except for unused birthstones of course!)
But I do have quite a few of the Christmas lights, because they change colour I cant decide if they are actually the same or not! Ha ha!
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 and Saff wrote1 week, 2 days ago

Lucky you don't have to dust it all...
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 and Cobweb wrote1 week, 1 day ago

Cobweb would have even more if she could; it wasn't her idea to harvest all the scarecrows, snowmen and trees ;)

All we need now is for Mike to give us 20 spaces in our garden, then she could use some of her hoarded pots (she doesn't even like most of them though).
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 and Sparkles wrote1 week, 1 day ago

I have 40 shelves.

5 summer pots
83 calendar pots
5 Halloween pots
6 art pots
12 honeypots
26 fairytale pots
13 magical pots
5 limited edition pots
7 complete nests
7 incomplete nests
3 beehives
3 incomplete flytraps
2 wildlife poles
1 holiday calendar (completed)
14 completed festive trees
5 completed scarecrows (3 of them witches)
6 completed snowmen (1 Santa)
18 eggshell pots
2 red topiary pots
18 birthstones
2 jewel baskets
2 mushroom pots
9 glass vases
4 Halloween cauldrons
6 patches of soil
1 ice cube
7 clumps of grass
3 bamboo pots
1 teacup

And that feels like way too much! I am SO not a hoarder. I want to get rid of about half of that stuff, and I use very little of it.

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 and Fickle - Hunting Bananacles And Hippiponchos wrote1 week, 1 day ago

Wow, I don't know how you manage to be so restrained Claire.  I try to be a bit more ruthless, even in deciding which pots to go for.  The problem is that any time I have decided I don't really like one, I later see it looking fabulous in someone else's garden with a particular plant in it.  Then I wish I had collected a whole shelf-full :)  I find it very difficult to throw any away even if I have never used them.
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 and Sparkles wrote1 week, 1 day ago

I just don't really like pots and mostly use the clumps of grass etc. I much prefer the way they look and I've never really regretted not having a pot unless it was magical in some way. I find the amount of stuff I already have overwhelming, and I can't imagine having as many shelves as Tracey or you have! That would just be impossible to manage for me.
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 and Quack Featherbottom wrote1 week, 1 day ago

As I've not played nearly as much as everyone else, I only have 8 shelves consisting of:

2 low feeding tables
1 pile of red rocks
1 3 little pigs pot
2 gold olympic pots
1 fairylight pot
1 complete nest
3 Zodiac pots of different colours
1 jewel basket
1 Halloween cauldron
2 sunflower pots
1 champagne flute
2 heart shaped pots
3 ice cubes
2 clumps of grass
1 cactus pot
4 earth pots
8 eggshells (idk why)
1 Christmas tree pot
3 pumpkins
1 bonsai pot
1 wooden bucket
1 tea cup
1 alchemy pot
1 upturned mushroom
1 clay pot
2 old buckets
1 old bottle
4 levitating baubles, each of a different colour
and 1 custom flower pot.

That's all I have in storage
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