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Free Gold - Spirit of Fairyland Edition!
Board:Ye Olde Fairyland Tavern
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 and Vienna wrote1 month ago

I'm back with little Gold gifts for you all!

The story behind this one: I suffer with bad depression and have been really quite ill recently. I've found that Fairyland is a helpful distraction so last night I asked if anyone could afford to trade, hoping to build up enough Gold to go Pumpkin growing and keep myself safe for an hour.

What I received was an amazing display of generosity, kindness and sympathy from multiple fairies. I now am lucky enough to have the funds to both enjoy hunting and also pay it forward - to hopefully cheer up others as I have been cheered up!

~ So, all you need to do is post a comment and I will gift you 10 Gold! You might want to post about what Fairyland means to you, though you don't have to ^_^ ~

I will post again if there are any issues or when I can't gift anymore xx
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 and ξʅƒα༺❤️༻ ɿʅ ɠɿαгɗɿηө ɗɿ ξгღک♫♪♬ wrote1 month ago

Hi lovely take care lol
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 and Ҭђҽ♔Ḡմαɾɗíαɳ ƒαíɾƴ✒·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.✉ wrote1 month ago

Good morning Lisa, I have meet lovely fairies here like you ☺
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 and Miruko wrote1 month ago

Take care Lisa :-)
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 and Mellow wrote1 month ago

Take care Lisa xx
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 and REAL DEAL wrote1 month ago

great weekend   ... trying to build my crow
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 and Glinda The Good Witch wrote1 month ago

GOOD MORNING LISA Feel safe and loved
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 and Rose wrote1 month ago

Have a sunshiny day Lisa
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 and Amazonas wrote1 month ago

Happy Saturday Lisa
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 and Pixie2 wrote1 month ago

Have a great weekend xx
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