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Aureus flowers

 and Nando With The Terminator wrote2 months ago

I see in the wildlife guide that the Zodiac plant (Astroflorus) will keep out the kangaroo because it counteracts the effect of Aureus flowers. But does that mean that if I want to attract the wallaby with an Aureus, and use Astroflorus to keep out the kangaroo, that the wallaby will be deterred as well? Hope this doesn't sound confusing but I am sure our usual panel of experts will know what I am talking about!
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 and Dєร๔є๓๏ภค wrote2 months ago

No, the wallaby is deterred with a FG bonsai, the astroflorus only deters the kangaroos.
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 and Nando With The Terminator wrote2 months ago

Phew!! Thank you Roxanne. x
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