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Birthday Gold not given

 and Eddy The 'elpful wrote2 months ago

3 days ago I found my first BM . Had an empty plate in my garden was awarded 50 gold and a plate of superfood it said as was my first ....for which I was thanked on my back wall for spotting from Tracy the lady I whose garden I spotted in .  However food never appeared on my plate and gold never came either . Wrote to Fl to complain and ask to amend have heard nothing .... presume it’s gone forever now ...
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 and Ni Uaine wrote2 months ago

Alan, can you clarify, please? You said you were awarded 50 gold and a plate of superfood, but then you said you got neither. You should not have got any cake (superfood), because as far as I recall, we don't get cake for a first. The 50 gold should have been added to your gold total immediately.
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