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 and Kosjenka wrote8 months ago

What does one have to do to get one? I've got a rare fruit and no tortoises whatsoever.  I know I have some competition, but come on... not even one? What gives? Help!
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 and Cobweb wrote8 months ago

Just too much competition really, since the hedgehog is more common and you're not deterring the mice.
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 and Kosjenka wrote8 months ago

I was deterring the mice til recently and still nothing.
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 and Sparkles wrote8 months ago

The hedgehogs alone would be a fair amount of competition. Add in the mice and it's going to be really tough.
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 and ~✫♪✫~Starlite~✫♪✫~ wrote8 months ago

Just remember the waxwing will come to the fruit cuz of the strawberry (:
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