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Message from Mike

 and LionWood (Germany) wrote1 year ago

Day 8 Santa Hat changed. What??
on page 11

Mike  and Bug wrote21 minutes, 16 seconds ago
Hi Everyone,
We had some issues with the colouring of the new pots - they are meant to match existing pots but the colours turned out a bit off on a few of them, which was reported to us by a number of players.

We've now fixed the colouring, but your browser may be caching the old images. To fix this, just "hard-refresh" the page (Ctrl-F5 on a windows, or Cmd-Shift-R on a Mac) or alternatively you could clear your browser cache (although you may need to log in again after doing this) and you should see the correct pot images :)

Apologies for the confusion!

Mike (Fairyland Developer)
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