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 and ★ Ƭíηk ★ wrote1 year ago

I've been away for quite some time, my longest break ever in my nearly 10 years of playing, I've been going through a very hard time and I've not come out the other side yet but thought I'd pop in and try and join in on Christmas stuff

Max (a.k.a bellybean) turned 6 last month!!

Lost my sheet so no idea what topiary bushes I have growing, might just rip them out honestly, what does everyone think?
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 and Begonia wrote1 year ago

Hi Megan, welcome back :) Hope we make a good way of escaping from the outside world.
You don't have to rip out the top bushes, you can use the spoiler to find the orders again - especially as you're so far along the trails.

Although you might want to take a break from tops once you've got these out of the way (assuming you do decide not to ditch them) so you can relax into it again.
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 and ★ Ƭíηk ★ wrote1 year ago

I can't remember which ones came first though, its been about 5 months...
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 and Begonia wrote1 year ago

The order is circular, so the first thing is just where you come into the circle.
You have 1 bush at stage 7 - if you use that as the first stage, then when you have the order, take off the last 6 (not counting the final uni) and put them on the beginning.

* Hang on - rushing over to see what I can do :)
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