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 and Phoebe & Her Albinos! wrote8 months, 1 week ago

Hi Fairy friends! I need help with my timing. When I spot a critter its by luck:( Can someone please help me?
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 and Little (FFU) wrote8 months, 1 week ago

Maximum times between feeds:
Regular food (5 or 10 feeds): 8 hours
Organic food (5 or 10 feeds): 6 hours
Superfood (15 feeds): 3 hours

Wildlife whether spotted or not, will stay between the minimum and maximum amount of time and no other wildlife will visit during this time. So a field mouse (staying time 55-60 minutes) that's spotted after 10 minutes will still prevent the next critter from visiting until after it would have left if it weren't spotted. This also means that in order to arrive and leave within the listed time limits, a mouse can't visit a plate of organic food at the 5 hour 30 minute mark (assuming someone has been watering to know nothing is there yet). So if an organic plate is at 5:30 hour, this the garden is going to get a shorter staying wildlife visiting, like an unicorn or crane (depending on what the garden is setup for)

Superfood will make all visiting wildlife stay the maximum amount of time. So a field mouse will always stay 60 minutes

The longer it's been since the previous wildlife visited, the better the chance something will be there. So on a regular plate of food that had a field mouse visit 2 hours ago, that means there are 6 hours left for the next critter to arrive, which is a huge timeframe. On a regular plate of food that had a field mouse visit 6 hours ago, there are 2 hours for the next critter to arrive. However, when wildlife is random and something can be there in either situation described, but the chances of spotting something are higher in the second situation.

hope this helps.

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 and Phoebe & Her Albinos! wrote8 months ago

Thank you so much Shannon!
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