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Fairyland rule????
Board:Ye Olde Fairyland Tavern
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 and Seychelle wrote1 month ago

When you are looking for albino raccoons, they are nowhere to be found. BUT if you are looking for regular raccoons, you will find 3 albinos before one regular one. Is this a FL rule? Asking for a friend. (Pass over the elderberry wine someone, please.) xxx
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 and Cobweb wrote1 month ago

Mike's Law ;)
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 and Seychelle wrote1 month ago

I thought so. *sigh* *hic*
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 and Yesitspossible Singing Again And So Do The BIRDS! wrote1 month ago

I almost never dare to hunt for mice ( regular mice ). Cheers...
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 and Seychelle wrote1 month ago

::::::::::lying incoherent under the dining table::::::::::: *hic*
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 and Amalthea wrote1 month ago

I might join you for some wine :)

Or when you are attracting hares and lopeared bunnys, and brown bunny armies have set up camp in your garden. But when you decided to do the tortoise and hare challenge, and think I might aswell finish the brown bunny babies and get some families visiting, apparently the brown bunny becomes a rare species, and you have dragons setting up camp instead .......... grrr dragons! I think are more of a pest than the mice and mallards

*hic* that might be enough wine for me *hic**hic*
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 and Tepish wrote4 weeks, 1 day ago

mmmm. I must have an extremely low alcohol tolerance (ie you drinking has made me tipsy) as I read your post Chloe as " attracting hares and LEOPARD bunnys"

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 and Amalthea wrote4 weeks, 1 day ago

Haha i actually had reread to make sure i hadn't actually put leopard bunnies :)
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 and Roswell The Demi-God And Zebbie wrote4 weeks, 1 day ago

leopard bunnies would be great :D
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 and Cobweb wrote4 weeks, 1 day ago

Leopard bunnies would be very cool.

Has anyone given Benni a shake this morning?  She's going to regret all of that elderberry wine, I think ...!).
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