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Where are you, what time is it, and what SHOULD you be doing right now?
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 and Cobweb wrote1 year ago

I'm near Birmingham in the UK, it's 8.10am, I've been up since 3am so I should be sleeping right now!

What about you?
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 and Amalthea wrote1 year ago

I am in Western Australia, its 6:30pm. I should be organizing my baby to have a bath, but she is asleep so sneaking in some stalking time :)
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 and Fairy Jane wrote1 year ago

I am in St Francis Bay South Africa and it's 12:56pm.  I should be hanging out the washing, but I'm random watering and drinking tea.......
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 and Vienna wrote1 year ago

I'm in NE England and it's 10:35pm on a Friday night! I should be cross stitching, it's a "Tea Time" pattern.
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 and Yesitspossible Singing With All The Birds wrote1 year ago

I'm in south of Sweden, it's 04:31am  ( what ??? ) and I should be sleeping. If I could...
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 and Peg And Little Gary wrote1 year ago

I am in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.  It is 6:06 AM, and I wish I was still sleeping instead of waiting for my 3 grandchildren to awaken.
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 and Dreamlight❤ wrote1 year ago

Im in South Australia, its nearly 10pm and I should definitely be going to bed before the kids wake up!
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 and Diosma & Birdie* Australia *` wrote1 year ago

In Queensland Australia, it's 11.30 am and I should be doing some ironing ..
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 and Blossom wrote1 year ago

I'm near Manchester UK its 4.15pm and I should be going visiting my Daughter but keep having that one last splash :)
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 and Umbellina With Leif Gnigglesson And Little Green B wrote1 year ago

Yorkshire, it's 8.35 am, and I've been on here for an hour trying to find a 5th Nightingale... should have been getting ready to catch the bus at nine, so now it will be a scramble... as per... there's always tomorrow to get organised...
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