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Best setup for Level 6 Watch the Birdie?

 and Sprig ๑(̆̃̃ wrote11 months ago

I need help to determine the best setup for Level 6 Watch the Birdie. Can't figure out what's best to attract 10 different birds!
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 and Cobweb wrote11 months ago

You could go with Apis Melliflora, for Wagtail, Chaffinch, Wren and Bee-eater.  Plus Mallard and Summer Mallard at the moment.  Macaws are easy, and you could do Toucans at the same time, and then things like the Ostrich, Oriole and Blue Jays use fully grown plants so are fast to set up for.

You probably wouldn't want to set up for them all at the same time, though, as some of them need (and most will certainly benefit) from more than one plant.
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