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Bee Help

 and Bravina wrote11 months ago

All I can get are flowers with red and orange petals. I planted a seed in honey pot that had been made by 3 orange bees and 2 red bees.I got a flower with 3 orange petals & 2 red petals. ( I understand this part).  When the flower was blooming I put out another empty bee hive  and got 3 red  and 2 orange bees spotted.  How to a go about getting a flower with yellow petals?  Do I harvest the current hive with honey (3 red bees and 2 orange) and plant another seed?  I have been trying for months hoping to get a flower with petals other than red/orange.-(yellow petals). In other words what do I do next?
Thank you so much
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 and Sparkles wrote11 months ago

You need to keep trying to increase the number of orange bees in the hive until you get one that is all-orange. A honeyblossom flower with all orange petals then attracts mostly orange bees but some yellow as well.

So at present your goal is a hive with more than three orange bees in.
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 and Penny Duckfeather wrote11 months ago

If the most orange you have is the one with 3 orange & 2 red, keep planting Honey Blossoms in that one. Eventually you'll get a hive with 4 orange & 1 red, at which point you'll want to plant your Honey Blossoms in THAT one. Then you'll get an all orange hive, which will finally attract Yellow Bees.
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