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Hello, I'm new to Fairyland.

 and Fairy wrote3 weeks ago

I've been admiring some pretty impressive gardens! I've even watered a few.
Please stop by and visit my new garden. I need lots of help!
Thank you
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 and Dobby wrote3 weeks ago

Good luck
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 and Pearl wrote2 weeks, 6 days ago

Goodmorning, have discoverd Fairyland, and I love it. 3
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 and œDobby wrote2 weeks ago

Goodmorning i am pretty new to this very lovely game. I have a question. I have catched 2 cupid mouses. But it needs a special glass vase. Where cani find one. Cant find it in the shops
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 and Cobweb wrote2 weeks ago

You only need the glass vase if you want to attract Cupid Mouse yourself - you leave the empty vase out, and when you spot the Cupid Mouse in another garden, it plants a Valentine's Rose for you.

You can't buy the glass vase; it is the pot which the Love Flower comes in - this is a seasonal plant, which will be around towards the end of January ready for Valentine's Day.   Just discard the flower to get the empty vase, or if you prefer you can grow and harvest the Love Flower first.
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 and œDobby wrote2 weeks ago

Thank you Tracy, i will wait then for the end of Januari. :D
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 and ELIAS wrote1 week, 1 day ago

Hello im new so any hints and help is welcomed thank you
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