Perry has reclusive tendencies.
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TypeSolitarian, Of Sorts
Born OnFebruary 6th (age: 7 years, 8 months)
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Garden LevelLevel 38
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote2 days, 6 hours ago

TY TY TY 4 spotting our BFM!!! YAY U!
hope U'v had a good day! i was up & out a bit before 9am ... 2 kitty sitting jobs & then over to clean up Miss Kitty & Gracie's crate ... scoop poop; change out paper; put new water down & fresh food! Gracie came all the way out but Miss Kitty is staying hidden in the box! this morning their bowls looked like they had been in the dishwasher! lol
well ......... getting old sux .... I am so hot right now!! U know tomorrow morning it is s'pose to be 52 but feel like 47 (AYE_YI YI) ... it will be CHILLY!!!
last week for several nights I could hear my heartbeat in my ear (had gotten up to PEE) & when I ret'd to bed could not go back to sleep & I was soooo tired!
this afternoon i couldn't quite put my finger on it but i felt a little off! well i think i'm getting Vertigo AGAIN! and I am NOT happy!!!
There's an exercise U can do but just reading it makes me a little sick to my tummy! LOL LOL!
it is still warm outside & I have ALL my ceiling fans on ...
LORDY I hope this dizziness isn't an ongoing thing!!! RATS!
sending nighty night HUGS!!!! & HEADBONKS!!!

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 and Wiηgildi wrote2 days, 8 hours ago

Thank's never easy...was unexpected...we go to work together, hike, go movies...she really my best...hasn't gotten any easier yet, I guess time will help eventually...

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 and Brian wrote2 days, 9 hours ago

thanks Jill for dropping by the garden, drop by anytime.

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 and Bℓυєвєℓℓє α Nσ Dяαмα мαмα wrote2 days, 13 hours ago

╦░╦ ڿڰ
╠═╣ELLO ..from Kath 
╩░╩ Ϡ₡ ·x❤️x
ڿڰۣ ❤️ NDM&P admin calling in to check if you need help with anything or would like to see something on the group page.xx

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote2 days, 18 hours ago

HAPPY SATURDAY JILL!!!! i just got home from 2 kitty-sitting jobs and from cleaning Miss Kitty & Gracie's crate! the are HIGH kickers! LOL! thankfully I put newspaper all around their crate which was very helpful this morning!!!
home to eat some yogurt & do a little search for cake! LOL!!! then off to the store & to walk!!! & then a nap!
Gosh! it took me all week to catch up on my rest! I will not do that getting up THAT early for as many days in a row ... SHEESH! but I'm back to my ol' self now. I so like that ppl can ask me at the last minute to kitty sit ... making $$$ & i wish I could save it to buy the telephoto lens! and I hope I can post some more pix today on my Free Spirit! AND I may MOW leaves! OH! so much 2 do & so little time! LOL!!! LOL!!!
our temps are going to drop tonite & tomorrow's high will be 62 with low at 41 ... thankfully i changed my bed & put on my fleece sheets! that climbing into a cold bed at night is NOT 4 me!
take care! HAVE a wonderful day! (did U C, we've passed 9800 Leos)! i am tickled pink!
PS! i've seen some posts on alot of walls .... not many ppl like the new game!!!

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 and TAWANDA wrote4 days, 16 hours ago


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 and Britt wrote6 days, 13 hours ago

LOL.  Ghoulardi for president!  I am from Ohio, originally.

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote6 days, 22 hours ago

Good morning SUNSHINE! i'm about to leave to go to my friend's house and get the kitties in their traps! OH! but to return & take a nap! and then later this afternoon going w/ my friend 2 her DR appt! but there's still time 4 a siesta!!!
have a great day! will stop by later!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote1 week ago

I just wanted to tell you, when I don't have cake in my garden .... i don't have any visitors! yesterday when I was without cake for so long I'd had one person that had splashed 3 hours ago ... while still looking 4 cake .... her splash was well over 4 hours! Tsk Tsk! i've created a MONSTER! lol!
i was able to trap Miss Kitty & Gracie this evening! OH I am sooooo thankful but have to get up early again to make that same journey and again tomorrow .... not looking 4ward to it but surely i can sneak in a siesta!!!
Nighty night HUGS & HEADBONKS!!!

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 and Beleg wrote1 week ago

Thanks Jill

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