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TypeHeart-breaker Fairy
Born OnFebruary 6th (age: 6 years, 9 months)
Human's Name
Garden LevelLevel 26
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and Goth wrote10 minutes, 49 seconds ago

your new photo is even nicer than your old one!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote46 minutes, 38 seconds ago

I remember when we lived in Arkansas (that IS the flattest land I'd ever seen)! anyway it snowed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! that was really s'thing 4 us!
I was going to college & home for Christmas break; my brother was in 10th grade and my youngest brother was N 4th grade ... that summer he had grapefruit for breakfast & planted the seeds in a pot with mom's Rubber Tree ... story to be cont'd!!! it is a WONDERFUL story too!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote53 minutes, 8 seconds ago

it's going to get cold tonite! BRRR*** got my elec blanket on & will be crawling in bed soon!
can U believe Thxgiving is in 4 more daz & every store i've been in lately (including Grocery) has all their Christmas stuff up! GEEZ! let's give thanks first! SMH!!!
hope your day was nice .... sleep well & I'll check ya' out tomorrow!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Low wrote23 hours, 17 minutes ago

it was a beautiful day here in the Lowcountry! i think we hit 71 or 72 but tomorrow & nite esp is going to be a diff story! 36 low! brrrrr*****
kitties were all there & the ppl who own the land had come 4 the wk-end to mow, etc. it was good 2 c them!
I tried to make some "kitty" cards but ran out of time & OH! i am tooo tired! lol!
mom bought us a new leaf blower & it weighs less than the other one so I did some blowing around my yard today (of course as the day neared dark the wind started blowing so that was probably a lost cause)! lol
hope U have a GOOD rest (sleep) & i'll check on ya' tomorrow! HUGS!!! & HEADBONKS from the kitties!!!

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 and Thumbelina wrote1 day, 3 hours ago

We're warm and happy and dry after a very wet and blustery day ...

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Low wrote2 days ago

am thinking about giving up another LEO plant in my garden! i need to fix some nests & b4 Aug I was  getting CHOC EGGS! i dunno! it takes soooooo long 4 the right plant to grow to mend the nests i have, I'll probably give up! LOL!
hope ur day was a good one! i am soooo tired of getting up early 2 daz in a row! hopefully we'll all sleep a little later!
nighty night HUGS!

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 and Juniper Berry wrote4 days, 5 hours ago

Yay! Thanks for spotting that baby Scorpion Jill!
I'm doing ok...good days and bad, but at least I'm able to sit up for a good amount of the day. :o)
How are things going with you? xoxo

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 and Therese wrote5 days, 2 hours ago

Hi Jill  For some silly reason the first few days of the time change did not bother me but yesterday and today are horrible.  lol  Guess I'm backward.  I should be on here tomorrow about 12:30 p.m. Pacific time.  Hope to see you but if I miss you have a lovely day.  Sleep well my friend.   :))

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 and *♥Chickie Fairy*•♫.•´*.♥ (FFU And FFG) MI wrote5 days, 3 hours ago

thx 4 spot!!! & steve P!!!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Low wrote1 week, 1 day ago

I was "writing a book" while U were catcching Lion's in my garden ... U got #7598 & #7599!!!! wow!!! THX SO MUCH!!!

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