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TypeSolitarian, Of Sorts
Born OnFebruary 6th (age: 7 years, 5 months)
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Garden LevelLevel 37
Wildlife LevelLegendary
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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote5 days, 4 hours ago

TYSVM 4 spotting our wee W-Mouse today AND our CB yesterday! YAY!!!
off 2 feed ... had to go early today so don't want to be tooo late today!
we are having FABULOUS weather today ... i HAD 2 get up early and it wasn't even 70 degrees yet at 8am! WONDERFUL!
check ya later/tater!!! HUGS & HEADBONKS from us 2 U! & ur sweet little pooch!

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 and Ginger wrote6 days, 19 hours ago

hoping to spot 1 more lion for a birthstone! crabs here, snail races!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote1 week ago

HEY LADY! hope this finds you fine & well .... mom wants me to pull her weeds (RIGHT NOW) and wash out my carport! my brother & sil are coming Friday for the week-end & everything has to be perfect.
she paid this young man to mow our yard and he did NOT do a good job ... gaps etc. AND of course I'm the one who has to listen ... am sure she's not going to tell him ... I noticed he moved a couple of her big heavy pots (planted with diff flowers etc.) and didn't even put them back! Now he knows we cant move those things! tsk tsk!!!
I released Patti back to the Kitty Ranch yesterday after being locked up for 10 daz! OH! that girl was toooooooooooooooooo HAPPY! and of course the others took turns sniffing at her! Adam (who is usually being slapped by Patti)! he strrrrrrretched his neck way out to sniff! it was soooo funny!
Gibbs wasn't there ... probably out doing the wild thing! i think we are going to have to use the drop trap to get him.
and then mom has a mama kitty and 3 kittens she's feeding and they REALLY need to be trapped asap!!!
OH! i fell last night! NO FUN! gouged my leg in 2 spots but no blood but boy did it ever swell .... big knot! had ice in a cloth on it for a few hours! and of course on my BAD LEG!
got a new kitty sitting job coming up Monday for the week .... lady sez I probably won't even see her cat, named Lucy but i hope so!!
take care ... have a great week-end! HUGS & HEADBONKS from us to U & ur little pooch!!!

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 and Whimsy wrote1 week, 1 day ago

would like to spot a lion or other zodiacs! Push Pulls, Crabs, Moles, Hedgehogs! still hoping for an Albino Mole! Baby Push pull and baby Crab in bubbles! baby crab missed!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote1 week, 5 days ago

well, what a week or 2 it has been! sooo busy but wanted to stop by & say HI!
have 2 kitty-sitting jobs this week (since Sunday) one is the lady I always kitty sit for and another is my friend .... w/ 2 cats; a ferret and a bird! visits 2 X's a day!
today i was crying b/c i couldn't get the ferret cage locked!!! i was like WHAT R U going 2 do!? i finally fig'd it out after 10 mins! STRESS!!!!
the bird is s'thing else! hope 2 post pix soon.
hope you are surviving your weather whatever it is ... we're still having heat waves and thunder showers in the afternoon! got soaked again last Saturday! UGH!
HUGS & headbonks from all of us 2 U & ur pooch!

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 and Ƒʅσгα♔Ḡմαɾɗíαɳ ƒαíɾყ✒·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸.✉ wrote2 weeks, 5 days ago

Your game expired Jill ☺

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote3 weeks, 3 days ago

Well, i can't splash b/c I have one more BFM to get cake & I can't believe it!!! the other day I searched & searched & I thought it was NEVER gonna happen!
can U believe it?? this is the 2nd day w/ a heat advisory and my a/c decided to quit working around noon! thankful it is only 83 degrees in my house & I hope it stays that way! (it's MUCH hotter OUTSIDE)! whew!
even the KR'ers are HOT! poor things .. just lying under the trees probably like me, praying 4 a cool breeze!
the earliest the A/C ppl can come is tomorrow afternoon!
well, making my rounds ... shower ... then beddy bye!
HUGS from ALL of us 2 U & ur pooch ... xxx/oooo

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote3 weeks, 5 days ago

yesterday afternoon i was coming home to take a nap ... mom said let's try to move that limb so you can mow (when you mow)! HUGE HUGE limb! my saw is too little to cut it! then we picked up small branches ... then i decided to mow ... our grass is tall as when i have my boots on! so I mowed my front & 1 side & under clotesline. then came N2 make sammies 4 the critters ... no nap! then at 715 went BACK outside & mowed my back except for where there's 2 more big branches! LOOKS soooo good!
this AM mom mowed hers! she said probably last time until fall it was so hot! then we went to store ... i found a weed eater/edger I really wanted & then we bought a wildlife camera (she thought they were expensive but got this one for $30)! SUPER pix ... hoping to catch pix of the stray tortie kitty she's been feeding!
so that was 2 big things plus I got a 16-lb bag of dry for the KR's and my tribe and so it was a hefty $$$$amt & she said we can't go to the store again until Dec!!! that woman! lordy!
i put together the camera with no problem & will C about getting my weed eater put together (maybe b4 dark)!
when I ret'd from KR today I took that much needed nap and McGee and Miss Kitty joined me ... slept a full hour! but I needed it! lol
hope U R well ... it is hot as hADEEZ here! & my a/c is working overtime! i don't look 4ward 2 c'g my bill!
HUGS & LOVE from the KR's and all of us! Gibbs ws there again today & after eating he came very close .... i love how he includes himself! now to get him fixed!!!

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 and Jarvis wrote4 weeks, 1 day ago

no problem!

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 and .♥ Dedicated To FERALS.♥♥♥PLZ SPAY/NEUTER♥ The Lowcountry Of SC, USA wrote1 month ago

WELL, the usual ... nothing is due but what a beautiful garden AND 2 cakes! i'm jealous! LOL LOL!!!
U must be busy too! seems like i only have time in late evening to get online! can you believe it? last Thurs my friend & I both got soaked at the KR ... then again Sunday and today it was only s'pose to be 20% chance of rain (MY A$$$) i had just put down the dry food when all of a sudden it came down! OMG! the worse thunder/lightning storm ever ... like a MONSOON!!! i had my rain coat but i still got wet! i just sat in my truck for almost an hour during the torrential downpour b/c 3 of my 6 kitties were under my truck! bless their hearts! told them I'd come out in the morning! SMH!
came home; changed clothes; went & got s'thing to eat & then mom & I watched an NCIS documentary! U know ... there are some EVIL ppl in this world!
hoping to be in bed before midnight & I think i'm going to make it! LOL!
mom got a watermelon & I ate some late yesterday afternoon & then I was up all night .... did same thing this afternoon b/c i didn't drink enuf ... i hope i'm not up as many X's tonight!
I miss our chats! hope U R well & ur little pooch too. Gibbs didn't show up Sun or Mon but he's been there everyday since and he is coming right up to my truck for his plate of food! the others just stare at him. i told him i hoped he would let us trap him soon ... his eyes are awful!
well, take care ... drop me a line when you can ... hugs & headbonks from ALL of us 2 U & ur pooch!

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